“Summer” in Dovre

It is weird how the year to year variation is noticeable when you work in the same place continuously over several seasons. This years’ field season is the third year within the same sites for me, and still this is a unique experience this year. First of all the snow was gone very late from our sites. This was a wonderful coincidence, because I then got to see Pulsatilla versatile in mid June. This is a flower that only flowers right after snowmelt, and it was beautiful.

Pulsatilla versatile, Mogop in Norwegian and artic violet in English. Photo: Mia Vedel Sørensen

The second reason why this summer is weird is that we have difficulties calling this a summer yet. It has been colder than ever, and one morning last week (second week of July) we had snow! We were wearing all our wool layers that week.

Snow shower in the horizon in July. We also had snow where we were, fortunately it did not stay. Photo: Mia Vedel Sørensen

Still I have high hopes for the summer to arrive to Dovre Mountains. The remaining measurements for this field season are dependent on sunny days, so I have to stay optimistic. In Hjerkinn, Dovre Mountains we still keep up the good mood, and we will tonight keep away the humidity from the rain with a fire in the “eldhus”.

The happy field team done for the day!

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