Mia_Saguaro_8Ecosystem functions interests me a lot, because I think that these are very beneficial and essential to life on this planet. Through better understanding of ecosystem functions and services, but also through sustainable use of them, I hope that we can save the world. Or at least recognize it in 100 years. Or maybe neither of this will be the case, but then we had fun trying to save it…

View from fieldwork on Armodshøkollan, Dovre Mountains.
View from field work on Armodshøkollan, Dovre Mountains.

My PhD project was part of ECOSHRUB and is about consequences of vegetation changes in alpine and arctic tundra ecosystems on the carbon balance. Due to the warmer climate in the past decades shrub encroachment in the alpine and arctic has happened. How the shrubs affect ecosystem storage and sequestration of carbon is one of my main questions in this project.

With the blog “Adventures of a plant ecologist”  I will share my passion for nature and plants with you! I have so far shared adventures from field work, teachings, trips, but I might also write other stories related to my interests in the use and functionality of plants and fungi.

Mountain Birch forest in Grøa, Sunndalen, Norway
Mountain Birch forest in Grøa, Sunndalen, Norway